Rear-end collisions are common. When the trailing car’s front bumper makes contact with the back end of any car, the situation is known as rear-end collision. These types of accidents can occur anytime without any prior notifications. They can eventually happen at any speed. Sometimes, a rear-end collision might occur even when the car is static at the signals or in a congested road. They can also happen if the driver is distracted. Although a rear-end collision will not harm the car much, it damages the car’s body conditions. 

If you face any rear-end collisions, make sure that you opt for car body repairs in Basingstoke. There, the mechanic will check the issues in the car and provide you with a detailed analysis. 

What are the car body problems that occur after rear-end collisions?

Problems with frames 

During a rear-end collision, the frame might sometimes be crushed or misaligned. You won’t notice the same after the collision. However, as you drive gradually, you’ll notice the frame significantly slating to one end of the side. It is then you’ll understand the damage that has been caused. Crooked frames also put unnecessary stress on other parts of the car. 

Problems with suspensions

Suspension is a boon for the car. It is a protective system. It absorbs the shocks that the car might face on unstable road surfaces. When the car encounters rear-end collisions, the suspension might be affected. Without a properly functioning suspension, it is difficult to avoid major accidents. So get it fixed at the earliest.

Problems with bumpers

Bumpers are present at the front and back of the car. Modern-day bumpers are generally metal bars and are the first thing that gets affected in a rear-end collision. Hence, even if you do not notice, ensure you check the bumpers as soon as the car encounters a collision. 

Damaged engine light

You’ll notice that the engine light is not working once your car has been through a rear-end collision. Due to the car’s thrust, the engine might have shifted or misplaced. That’s why the engine light may stop working. Again, if the car’s engine has been damaged, then the engine might stop working. So, in some form or another, the engine might stop working. 

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