Nothing can be worse than spotting an unexpected dent in your car. Dents can even occur to the most careful drivers. It isn’t strange for drivers to return to their cars to find a blemish on the surface. We suggest taking your car to professional technicians specialising in dent removals in Basingstoke. When an object dents your car, it can be done in several ways. Here are the various types of car dents you should know.

Different Types of Car Dent

  1. Sharp/Angular Dents: These are the most defined dents with respect to their look and are easily noticeable. They are distinctive in how the damage sits on the car’s body. Careful dent removal techniques must be used on angular dents to how they sink into the car surface. Such dents typically have steep sides that leave the rest of the panel untouched.
  2. Round: Round dents are the most common dents you can spot on a car body. These occur due to a direct impact hitting the car, generally from a small piece of stone or item like a football. It is easy to fix. The paint around the dent will not be affected when the round dents occur. You don’t need to repair the paint in such a scenario. This dent can be fixed through a paintless dent removal technique.
  3. Creased: Unlike sharp dents, where a sharp dent can be localised, a crease dent can cover a car’s entire panel. Creases can occur in different shapes and sizes, generally following contours in the car body. These are unsightly, warping the car body and potentially pulling the metal out of place. A crease can have both a smooth depression and a ridge at the edge of the dent.
  4. Ding: Common causes for a ding in a car include hail or other small objects landing on the car. Apart from small objects, such dents can also be caused by door collisions and other small bumps. Irrespective of the dent size, you must get it fixed as soon as possible with the help of professional dent removal experts. 

What are the common causes of Car Dents?

There are various causes of car dents. Any object coming in contact with a car with force can cause dents. Here are a few common causes mentioned below:

  • Car Park Accidents: Most drivers experience obstacles while parking a car. Accidents can happen because of the sheer density of the parked car in a small space. One can accidentally ding another or have a mishap during reversing or the bump of car doors opening. There are several ways your car may get dents while parking.
  • Out of Control Objects: Car dents may also be caused because of a piece of sporting equipment like a golf ball or football approaching with force, a runway shopping trolley etc. 
  • Natural Factors: You can’t avoid the act of nature in most cases. For example, hailstones and debris can damage your car no matter how carefully a driver drives.

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