Does your car overheat frequently? It can be a stressful experience for the driver. The continuous steam coming out from the engine not only causes significant damage to the car but also gives an uncomfortable driving experience. If your car overheats frequently, you must take the car to professional mechanics for repair. Contact professional mechanics in Basingstoke for different problems and proper car body repairs. 

Why is my car overheating?

Before jumping to conclusions and deciding that your car is damaged beyond repair, ensure you know the causes of overheating in detail. What are the common causes of overheating? To learn more, read on. 

  • When the cooling system of the car fails.
  • When there are issues with the engine, it starts malfunctioning.
  • When the level of air coolant is low, the car will start overheating.
  • When your car is being exposed to extremely hot weather conditions

What to do when your car gets overheated?

Stop driving

Suppose you find the car overheated on the road; you should stop driving. Especially if you’re planning a long road trip, this can be too risky with an overheated car. Stop and pull over for safety. Also, turn off the engine, air conditioner and music systems immediately to prevent further damage. 

Check the coolant levels.

Once the engine has cooled down, it’s time for you to investigate the coolant levels. If it’s low, add water or coolant if readily available. However, it would help to let the engine cool down before adding the coolant. Otherwise, the radiator might crack. 

Check the engine

Check the engine’s condition before you take the same to the mechanic. Once the engine has cooled down, make sure you restart the engine. Again, if the temperature rises and the car gets heated, there’s undoubtedly some problem with the engine. 

Check for leaks 

Also, make sure that you check for leaks under the car. If the radiator or the pipes are leaking or there’s a damaged water pump in the car. You must take the vehicle to a professional mechanic if there’s a leak. 

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