Do you also reverse too quickly and forget about checking the important blind spot? Minor bumper damage is quite common. But it can sometimes lead to a dent, bumper scuff to the paintwork, and even a cracked bumper. Many people tend to neglect minor damages on the bumper to save repair costs. But we suggest getting bumper repairs in Basingstoke to maximise safety while driving. Here is why it is essential to repair your car’s bumper. 

Why is Bumper Repair Important To Ensure Safety?


Everyone wants to ensure the utmost safety while driving a car. Car bumpers absorb the force of an impact sustained during a front or rear collision. Even slight damage can weaken the bumper’s structure. Hence, you must take your car to the specialist to get it fixed as soon as possible. Several modern cars come with pre-fitted sensors within the bumper to assist in driving and parking.

Resale Value

A damaged bumper can decrease your car’s overall value. Whether you plan to sell your car to a car dealer or privately, minor bumper damage can result in doubts. The prospective buyers may start doubting the other underlying faults that may not even exist. 

Bumper Scuff

Bumper scuff affects the car’s appearance and decreases its value. You can hire a trained mechanic for early repair to avoid expensive repairs. 

Cracked Bumper

Minor damage in a car can also result in a cracked bumper. You can save the cost of a whole new bumper with timely repair. A professional specialist will sand down the affected area. Fill the cracks and then repaint them to make them look as good as new. 

Bumper Dent 

Dent is quite a common problem in every car. If your vehicle has suffered a dent in the bumper, get it repaired sooner. There are two popular techniques for dent removal. The dent type your car has suffered will decide the required technique. You can use a professional filler and repaint if the bumper dent damages the paintwork. However, you can also go for a paintless dent removal method if the bumper dent doesn’t involve any paintwork scratch. 

Many people try to repair minor damage on their own. However, this requires professional expertise. Alexander Autos offer the best quality services for dent removals in Basingstoke. Contact us today or check our website for more information.