If you have faced a car accident or collision, you might be thinking about frame damage. The damaged frame can impact the car’s safety, resale value and performance. So, finding out the issues as quickly as possible is very important. 

This blog will discuss car frame damage, signs and how to fix them. Professionals who offer car body repairs in Basingstoke are well-equipped with the latest tools to fix auto frame damage. 

What Is Auto Frame Damage

The frame is the backbone of the vehicle. It is the structural entity that holds things together. It also offers stability and support to the engine and other components. Frame damage happens when bend, twist and other related damage affect the structure. 

A minor collision can harm the frame, compromising the car’s safety and performance. Usually, it is not safe to drive after an accident. 

What Are The Major Reasons for Car Frame Damage

There are some major reasons why car frame gets damaged, and they are as follows-

  • Car accidents
  • Accumulation of dust
  • Poor maintenance
  • Extreme weather conditions

Identifying Frame Damage on Vehicles

If you think that car’s frame is damaged, there are several signs to check-

  • Uneven gaps between different body panels or doors that do not close in the right manner
  • Rattling noises when you drive or cross bumps
  • Uneven tire damage, a sign of misaligned suspension or frame damage
  • Visible signs of damage like dents, creases and cracks
  • Visit a professional auto repair shop for a diagnosis

Different Types of Auto Frame Damage

There are two categories of frame damage, and they include-

  1. Cosmetic Frame Damage– This type of damage does not impact the vehicle’s structural integrity but affects its appearance.
  2. Structural Frame Damage– This damage affects the structural integrity and impacts its safety

How Experts Help in Auto Frame Damage Repairs

If you find that your car frame is damaged, it is very important to take help from professionals. They will find out the extent of the damage and recommend repairs for the same. 

Depending upon the severity of frame damage, you need to take the vehicle to a nearby auto repair shop like Alexander Autos. Here, skilled technicians offer you a wide range of vehicle mechanical and body repairs. Do visit the website to know more.