Regarding car body repairs, vehicle owners should be aware of the available types. Various kinds of repair work can be done on a car’s exterior, ranging from minor paint repairs to more comprehensive frame straightening and rust-proofing. 

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you may need one or more of these services to restore its overall appearance. Always approach a professional for car body repairs in Basingstoke

Here are five types of car body repairs that you should be aware of. 

What are the types of car body repairs? 

Paint and finish the repair 

This involves addressing scratches, chips, fading and oxidation on the exterior surfaces of a vehicle. A professional auto detailer can use specialised tools and products to buff out surface imperfections and give the car a renewed shine. Touch-up painting can also be done using an exact match or custom colour blend to ensure the best results. 

Complete dent repair 

Dent repair is also another necessary form of repair service. This involves removing dents without causing further damage to adjacent parts or panels of a vehicle’s body. Professional technicians have access to specialised tools such as air and slide hammers designed for this purpose, allowing them to carefully return metal surfaces to their original shape with minimal effort. 

Frame straightening

This is another necessary type of car body repair that should be considered. If a vehicle has been involved in an accident, its chassis may become bent or twisted due to impact forces. A skilled technician will be able to identify such structural issues and fix them.

Getting rid of auto-body rust

Rust proofing is another essential service that vehicle owners should consider investing in. Rust Proofing specialists will remove existing rust spots from metal panels before applying special coatings designed to protect against further oxidation over time. 

Complete panel replacement

Panel replacement is often necessary when other repair forms won’t suffice due to extensive damage caused by weathering or accidents. This process involves removing damaged panels from vehicles and installing new ones using precision welding techniques to ensure proper fitment and durability over time. 

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